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EarthLoom Service Training

(Includes Level II Certification in the Weaving a Life Process for Level I Leaders)

12 1-hour sessions, EarthLoom Service Certification
$160/mo for 12 mo, total $1920

There is no pre-requisite for this course, but certified Weaving a Life Leaders receive Level II Certification.

12-week distance learning training with homework consisting of planning, preparing, and implementing at least one EarthLoom project. The full experience provides the student with the rounded knowledge needed to bring this work to others.

EarthLoom Service Training provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to lead effective EarthLoom projects for communities, celebrations and organizations, and train others to plan and execute EarthLoom events. The EarthLoom adds a powerful element to any event. It has been used at weddings, family reunions, memorial services, and college retreats. Knowing how to manage the preparation for the event, materials, how to guide the weaving process, how to finish the woven piece, and followup, are essential for a harmonious and meaningful outcome.

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Weaving a Life Leadership Training

Level I Training in the Weaving a Life Process

Level I Certification training (a requirement for Level II Weaving a Life Leadership certification, which includes EarthLoom Service Certification)

This 12-week distance-learning training with homework prepares you to work with individuals and groups in the Weaving a Life process, helping improve self-esteem and find positive vision, through the hands-on process of Weaving a Life.

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