The Veteran Women's EarthLoom Project

Veteran Women working with PTSD

This project is in its inception, and will begin shortly. A therapist working for the US Veteran's Administration is receiving training in the Weaving a Life process to work one on one with women suffering from trauma and post-traumatic stress (PTSD) due to experiences in recent conflicts, or with family members injured or traumatized.

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Cooperation and Support for the Veteran's Administration Team

The EarthLoom Foundation will work closely with the therapeutic team at the VA Center in southern Maine. In addition to Weaving a Life Process training, the EarthLoom Foundation will provide EarthLoom Service Training, specifically geared to working with group weavings on larger looms and the social, emotional, and logistical aspects of the experience, as well as followup required to make it a success for the participants.

To donate funding for EarthLooms and training for the Veteran Women's Project, you may donate online or contact Susan Barrett Merrill of the EarthLoom Foundation.